Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not a fan

People are fans of lots of different things...their favorite sports teams, Twitter, McDonald's, or even fly fishing to name a few. 

I am a fan of a lot of varied things myself, but one thing I am not a fan of is Blogger. No offense to the Bloggos who created Blogger, but I just find it very constricting and I, personally, don't like to be confined. It doesn't make writing any fun for me because I'm not happy with the way my post looks when I press the "publish" button. And it makes them look a lot longer than they really are.

So, probably sometime within the next few months, I will be making "the big switch." Now I'll keep you guessing as to the exact date that will be, but nonetheless--when I have the time to do it--I will be moving in cyberspace. Or, perhaps I will keep this one and just start a new blog with an "un-anonymous" (is that a word?) theme. Maybe I'll do that. It makes it easier to open up about things when only a handful of people know your true identity. So, I guess this blog is good for that and maybe it will speak to someone along the way who happens to come across it somehow.

Until then, come get your fill of varied and non-consecutive posts because my life is just like that right now. And when I move, I guess I can't tell you where I'm going (because then you would know who I am).   {smiling}

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This girl is behind on her blogs!!! Things have been quite busy over the past two months, and lots happening with my business and with our new place of ministry. I've barely had time to breathe...but this week is full of all the things I've neglected to do (like blogging) over the past two months. Organizing, relaxing (breathing), planning, big things, little things...it's my goal this week to tackle some of the things I've been putting off. 

I'm still on track to feel more like myself again within the next few months...I've already lost 14.5 lbs and it feels really good to be back on track again. I can remember a time (pre-child) where all I did was eat right, work out, and had the occasional dessert without gaining any weight. Over the past two months I have focused on fixing the damage I've done to my body over the past several years. Not eating right and not working out certainly takes it's toll!! Add to that: a super active two year old, a business that keeps me as busy as I want to be, a new ministry where people are still having a hard time accepting "the new guys" (that would be us), a husband that just wants to be loved...it becomes really easy to neglect YOURSELF! 

I'm very happy that I've made myself one of my focuses again! Not in a selfish way, of course, but in a way that would enable me TO focus on other important things in my life and give those things the attention they deserve!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009: Welcome Back!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Just welcomed in the new year quietly at home with my husband and (sleeping) little boy. 

Anyway, I was going to write a blog about new beginnings, etc., but one of my favorite bloggers already did that, and I love what she wrote about. Read her Dec. 31st blog here:  http://cindybeall.com

I too, beat 2009 to my new eating habits, and I feel like I'm already ahead of the game and I love it!! In just a few short months, I hope to be welcoming back my size 2's & 4's!! And not just for the sake of being any particular size (I'm short, so for me that's pretty much a good place to settle)...but for the sake of building on that momentum to accomplish other goals, for the sake of just plain ol' feeling better, and for the sake of being able to keep up when my 2 year-old son runs circles around me. Ok, so maybe I won't have that kind of energy again (and maybe I will)...but this time, I am doing it with purpose, and I'm ready for it!

I have a tune in my head..."Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaacckkkk!!!" 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Brunch thoughts...

What do I love more than breakfast??? BRUNCH!!! I don't know why, but I have always loved brunch (breakfast is a very close second). Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch (which happens to be my least favorite meal, ironically), but somewhere in its own category. You can have breakfast foods with non-breakfast foods, giving you the same breakfast "feel," but just a little later in the morning (or early afternoon if you prefer), all while drinking coffee (or juice or something of that nature---for my husband, it would be Dr. Pepper). Brunch!! I love it.

Today, I had brunch with my husband and little boy. Being with my two favorite people, coffee in hand, snow on the ground. Ok, so it's 70 degrees today. Anyway, you get the idea. Warm fuzzies were abounding. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I need gifts!!!

...Not to get, but to GIVE!!! I started on my Christmas list early this year, we've had the tree up since Nov. 30th, our son's picture with Santa was taken a couple of weeks ago, stocking stuffers are ready to go...but I still have things that I need to get and wrap (at this point, I'm thinking point, click & ship is sounding MUCH better)! Not to get off-topic, but I DO love this time of year...not only is it Jesus' birthday celebration, but it always reminds me of my wedding day (which could not have been any more perfect for us). The lights are up, the weather is cold (well...some days are frigid and others are more "CoCoMo"-ish). 

Yes...I need gifts, but I have been avoiding going anywhere near anything that resembles a mall because it's just a beating for me. 

So what do you guys think? Point, click, ship? Or suck it up, put on my "big girl panties," and go to the mall like a (wo)man? 

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Can I just say that it feels so good to take a break? A REAL (even though relatively short) break?

My husband and I have been so busy over the last month and a half with him starting his new position, that we have barely taken any time for ourselves. Such as it is when starting a new job in ministry.

But this week-end was amazing. We took a much needed break. We dropped off our little boy at my in-laws' house, and we were on our way to a little R&R. My husband surprised me with tickets to the Dallas symphony (a long-time favorite thing for us to do, although we haven't been in years), followed by dinner at our favorite restaurant (Houston's), a wonderful night at the Hotel ZaZa (my absolute favorite hotel of all time), breakfast in bed the next morning (my only request to him), followed by a massage at the ZaSpa. Nice. But way too short. We picked up our little boy less than 18 hours after dropping him off, took him to the downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus for pictures with Santa (that was fun, but he was cranky and tired even though all the pictures turned out great), and headed back to Fort Worth.

But wait! There's more! We hired a sitter for that evening and my husband had yet another surprise in store! Dinner at Ferré and the Nutcracker ballet at Bass Hall! Now I love ballet, but I KNOW my husband loves me because he was willing to put himself through a ballet for my sake. By the way, he loved it (I know, right? I'm as surprised as you are!)! On a funny note, the people we were originally sitting next to were on the annoying side (talking the whole time, etc.). So during intermission, we moved to one of the box seats where no one was sitting (ok, don't tell me you've never done that before). The best seats in the house, right in the center! 

Happy 9th anniversary to us!  :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Microwave Society

I haven't blogged for a few days...with my husband starting his new job in ministry, trying to meet our new students, my business keeping me busy, and trying to spend quality time with both my husband and my two year-old everyday (while trying to convince our family & friends we haven't fallen off the edge of the earth), the chaos of this past week has completely sapped me! 

Because of the craziness, I haven't gotten much sleep over the past seven days...seriously--maybe a few hours at the most every night. It's just been one of those weeks. Just a few minutes ago, I realized that I hadn't drank my wonderfully full cup of Starbucks coffee which is cold by now. So I opened the microwave door to reheat my glorious cup of coffee, closed the door, and immediately took the coffee out and took a (cold) sip.

Here are three things I learned from doing this:
1) I need to drink my coffee while it's hot
2) I need more sleep
2) I need more sleep (did I already write that?)
3) Microwaves don't work unless you actually press the buttons